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Are you ready to begin THIS LOVELY SUMMER DRESS CHALLENGE? Never mind that the winds are gusting, the rain is falling, hot coco and sweaters are keeping me cozy, I’m ready for some warm-weather-is-coming sewing! To get the ball rolling, the lovely Lindsay and her husband Charlie from Hawthorne Threads have offered a giveaway!

This Boho dress pattern by Pat Bravo:


Here is Lindsay wearing her recently made, delightful Boho dress using the dvd pattern:

You can check out her post about it here:

There are three ways you can be entered in this girl’s giveaway. 1. Leave a comment here. 2. Visit Hawthorne Threads and leave a comment back here telling us which of their fabrics you think would be fabulous for making a summer dress. We could all use the inspiration and ideas! 3. Post my ‘this summer dress challenge’ button on your bloggy blog somewhere, leaving another comment telling so.  On the evening of May 31st, I will announce the winner. Since I’m a little old fashioned, and like involving my boys in all things fun, instead of the typical hi-tech number counter thingy this girl will write out all the numbers on tiny pieces of paper, toss them in the air, then have a blindfolded boy and his bunny choose one lucky winner. (And be sure to include your website URL)

Here is the ever so lovely button – thanks to my littlest boy who loves his bunny:
And the html goodness to make it work – thanks to married man who loves this girl bunches:
<a href="http://www.paisleyandlace.com/?p=297">
<img src="http://tinyurl.com/3w27nv4" alt="" /></a>

(hint: copy the code from the grey box and paste it into your page as HTML)

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  1. I’m excited to see some beautiful summer dresses!

  2. I am so excited about the dress challenge! Thank you for letting us in on it! 

  3. I’ll enter since you told me too…it is really pretty and doesn’t look too hard to make, so you got me in the contest :)  

    • Yeah, Lizzy. It’s a great summer project, and you could even enter it in the fair!

  4. I like the Joel Dewberry “Bloom in Bark” granted it’s not very summery. . . I still think it would make a cute dress.

    • One of my favorites. I like the one in grey, too. And I DO think it is summer-worthy!

  5. I think the Bubble Burst in Turquoise would make a beautiful summer dress!

  6. I want to make a summer dress out of the Michael Miller Belle Rose in Pink from his French Journal collection!

  7.  Poppies in the orchard for me – and several more, have fun!  Thanks for the chance.

  8. I really love your “spring top” made from the AMH voile–what pattern is it?

  9. Great giveaway, I’ve not tackled a dress before so the DVD would be perfect!

  10. Ps I think any of the fabric from the aviary 2 range at hawthorn threads would make a lovely summer dress!

  11.  Such a cute pattern! I’d love to win this Boho dress pattern!

  12.  Would love to win this!

  13.  I would choose dots and hatches in Blue Jay by Josephine Kimberling

  14. I would love to win this :)

  15. I think any fabric by anna marie horner would work well. Cute pattern

  16.  This would be great to win!

  17. love it! 

  18. this is such a cute pattern and the idea of a dvd is great! thanks for the chance to win!
    r a c u r a c 2 A T h o t m a i l D O T c o m

  19.  What a wonderful sweet thing you said about your “boys”! I do love this challenge as well!

  20. How much fun! I have three grown daughters and I think we would have a lot of fun picking out fabric for this pattern.

  21.  This looks like the perfect project!

  22.  I would make it in Queen Anne’s Lace in Blue Jay or Chelsea Blooms in Balkan

  23. I need a few summer tops and I’d like to try this pattern

  24. I love pinks and browns together and would make the dress in Tonal floral in petunia

  25. This DVD looks great. As a newer sewer, sometimes instruction is really helpful, so I bet I would love this!

  26.  Fun!  I’ve been wanting to try out Patty Bravo’s patterns – this would be great!

  27. After searching through the fabric I think I would use Just Dandy Tonal Foral in Blue Jay by Josephine Kimberling for Robert Kaufman. I love the deep saturated blues.

  28.  I was just brought here from the Hawthorne Thread newsletter.  So I’d love to try out either Tula Pink’s new Prince Charming line in Olive or any of Patty’s Bohemian prints with this pattern.

  29.  I am dreaming of sewing a new, or a few, summer dresses.

  30. what a great giveaway! 

  31. I think I would choose either Anna Maria Horner’s Coreopsis in Raspberry (voile) or Larkspur in Bloom Lawn Soft Nude…either would be so soft & wonderful!  Thanks for a neat contest!

  32. So cute, and I think at the right length it could look good on any age.. 

  33.  waiting for our wintry weather to move along & make way for cute summer dresses & sandals!

  34.  I think the Flower Fields print from Modern Meadow in either lake or timber would make a beautiful dress!

  35.  Love the dresses!

  36.  Wow!  Nice looking dress pattern and one made from any of the lovely new Tula Pink fabrics would look fabulous!!!!  I’m loving it and longing for the heat!!!!  Bring on the sun!

  37. Wow! Im excited. I think anything with bright colors would be awesome. Anna Maria’s fabric would be great and give it that vintage look. Hope I the lucky one! Thanks. Tricia 

  38.  There’s so many lovely fabrics to choose from and you only want one, right?  Lol…cannot do that…so I narrowed it down to 3…right now that is:   I would use a combination of the Bohemian Lace in Pink with the Endless Dream in Shine; two beautiful fabulous fabrics! or Frog Prince in Indigo in combination with Bubble Burst in Turquoise!  or  Frog Prince in Honey with a bit of Turtle Bay in Aqua.  Really think I should make all three…  lol!

  39. I think Dandelion in Aqua by Tula Pink would make an awesome summer dress. 

    (Not sure why it’s not linking to my blog, but it’s http://btsoi.blogspot.com)

  40.  What a cute dress!

  41.  I think if I made this dress I would make it in Anna Maria Horner’s voile in something from the moonlight pallate..

  42. I want to make my dress now… after i finish my quilt… just keep on truckin’!!!

  43. I’m eager for the new Loulouthi voiles and would love to make a summer dress from one of those gorgeous fabrics!

  44. Thanks for this opportunity to win this pattern

  45. I would love to win this pattern! Thanks for the opportunity.=)

  46. I would use the Arabesque Buds in Ivory from Pat Bravo’s Alhambra II line. Love it!

  47. Oh, OH! A summer-y dress made with Frog Prince in Indigo by Tula Pink (Hawthorne Threads) would be spectacular!

  48. I would use Bohemian Lace in Mist for trim with Mystic in Dark for main dress from the Art Gallery Pat Bravo line of Bohemian Soul.

  49. Now that I posted my Hawthorne Threads choices, wanted to say that this is a dress pattern that know can fit me OK and also like the top option. Hope I win the DVD as was curious as to how Pat’s new pattern distribution method worked. Thanks for the opportunity.

  50. As a newbie sewer I would love the step by step instructions offered by the DVD.

  51. I would LOVE to win this! I don’t have sewing classes near me and it would be nice to have someone talk me through from beginning to end!

  52. Button added to my blog! http://torontocloseknit.blogspot.com/

    update: code for button didn’t work for me :(

    • You can try it again if you would like, married man updated it. This girl took him to coffee :)

  53. i think anna maria horner’s woodcut in sassblue would make a great summern dress, but this florida girl could probably wear it year round! (thestivenderfamily.blogspot.com)

  54. I just started learning how to sew and have found such a pleasure in it. The spring dress challenge is perfect, I cant wait to make my 2 year old daughter and I matching summer dresses!

  55.  Oh yes!  I’ve added your lovely Summer dress challenge Button over here…
     http://fabrikdea.blogspot.com/   …  now I’m crossing my fingers!  Lol….

  56. I love to wear dresses, and this pattern looks so cute! :)

  57. I like Nancy Mim’s Queen Anne’s Lace in Orchid fabric – I think it would make a lovely dress!

  58. soooo cute ! luving this creativity – many thx!

  59. it’s called ‘Large Floral in Blue’ – i used the cool colour selector, picked my fave colour and they supplied the fabric that was in my fave colour! now that is COOL! go ahead. try it. you’ll like it too! :)

  60. lovely button on right sidebar at FHC ~

  61. I love this summer dress pattern – so cute!

  62. This is just great! I’d love to win this. Thanks for doing this. And the challenge is a good one, too!


  63. I would use Paradise Garden in Periwinkle by Amy Butler. Love her fabric patterns.

  64. I just found your blog via the Hawthorne Threads newsletter! This sounds really cool, I just found another dress pattern I want to make, so hopefully I’ll have time to start it soon!

    • You have till the end of August, so no worries. Maybe you can make two!

  65. I know it’s not out yet, but I really really really want the Summer Totem prints from AMH’s new line

  66. Oh I love this idea. Thank you so much for the chance to win such a wonderful prize!!!

  67. This might seem silly, but I just love any Tula Pink fabrics and the new Prince Charming is so lovely I would make anything out of it.!!!

  68. fun contest! thanks :)

  69. I discovered your blog through Hawthorne Threads. Love all the inspiration.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to seeing what you make.

  70. I would use one of the fabrics in Anna Maria Horner’s new line of voiles. The black floral is just stunning.

  71. What a beautiful pattern!!!! I can’t wait to make one. :-) I think Dandelion in Indigo (from the Frog Prince line at Hawthorne Threads) would be fabulous.

  72. What a great idea…love this giveaway…so much to choose from.

  73. There are so many beautiful voiles and cottons on thier site. I love the Jardin Enchante in black….so, so many lovely choices!

  74. A wonderful idea…I would love a summery dress made from some lovely fabric.

  75. I would use Larkspur in Bloom Lawn in Soft Nude from Alexander Henry.

  76. I would love to get this pattern…now off to Hawthorne Threads to see what fabric I would like…

  77. I would like to use Nancy Mims’ Posies in Orchid…I hope I win!


  78. Found you through Hawthorne Threads! Looks like I have a new blog to follow now!


  79. What a cute dress! I think it would be great in one of the Kumari Garden fabrics. It is so nice to see clothing coming back on the sewing scene. I love quilts and will never give them up, but dress patterns like this bring back my urge to sew my wardrobe again. Thank you.

  80. Great challenge, I may just have to sign up!

  81. I would love to make a funky dress out of some of that new Prince Charming from Tula Pink at Hawthorne Threads!

    • I like funky!

  82. Good Morning. Your blog is “new to me”, as I found it through my Hawthorne Newsletter. I order from them pretty often, they run a great place. Love to win the DVD and I’m excited to check out your blog further.

  83. I love Tula Pinks new Prints Charming collection, especially that frog. I’d love to do a dress in the Indigo print.

  84. fun contest! right now, i’m totally loving anything in michael miller that’s lagoon: groovy guitars, stripes, hoopla dots.

  85. Fun! Thanks for the chance to win this, it looks like an awesome pattern!

  86. And another vote here for Tula Pink’s new line, especially the voiles!

  87. So far I have only been making skirts for myself, but I would love to make some fabulous dresses! The photos are very inspiring, and since it’s (almost) always sunny here in California…

  88. I would love to win this pattern with DVD because I’m a self-taught sewer and could use the extra help. After combing Hawthorne Thread’s website (something I do daily!), I picked Coreopsis in Moss as the fabric that I would use for a dress I would make. Here’s hoping that I win!!!

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