a lazy girl quilt sandwich

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Now back to all things quilty:


If you are just joining us, you can go here to see what we have done so far. When all 9 of my circly-squares were complete, they were first sewn in strips of three, then three strips formed into one quilt front.


For the back of my quilt, I used a Kona Mustard. I love yellowish mustard. I shaped one circle out of my favorite scrap which happens to be from the Denise Schmidt Hope Valley line. The last of its goodness. I used the same template as the front squares, then pieced the completed square with large strips making it the size needed. Upon sewing it all together, I noticed the dye lots of my 2 mustard strips were quite different. This is why it is a good idea to buy plenty of fabric to begin with, especially when it can take months to get the whole thing ready for completion, if you are a busy mom, wife, and ocean-dweller like me. Snap! What to do?


Since this girl is the thrifty, imperfectionist that she is, a row of scraps between the two not matchy-matchy mustards solved the problem.


Next, I taped down the back of the quilt to my kitchen floor using painters tape. Middles and corners first, then fill in around the quilt. Notice that the right side is down and the wrong side is up.


Do the same for the batting.


Now, tape on the top with the happy-side up. We want this side up because it will be the side that is seen while quilting.


Now, go turn on a good movie and pin away! I like Pride and Prejudice because I have seen it soooo many times that I know exactly what is happening without really watching it. And, yes, I like the long one, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take an enormous amount of time to pin down the quilt-sandwich.



Voila! Now we are ready to free-motion quilt.


Will I finish before school starts? It’s not that this takes so long to do, I’ve just been having too fun of a summer to be projecty!



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  1. Lookin good. I am making a quilt for Abigail’s 3rd birthday, but it’s more unconventional… or will be, since I haven’t actually started it yet… But I will soon cause I have to. Both older kids got one when they turned 3. Fun times.

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