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How did that happen? Summer is pretty much over, although the best weather for us Santa Cruzians is yet to come. The fog rolls away as the school bell rings in this corner of the world. But alas, this girl is back to homeschooling her family. And sneaking to the beach. A lot.

  And how did it happen that there are only 2 students left in this homeschooly home?



But the good news is, that my old homeschool students survived their days of studentness with this teacher-mom, and are doing fantastically well in their own grand adventures. They love Jesus. They are self motivated learners. And, most importantly, they still love ME! Whew. Homeschooling works. I knew it worked, but it was more a faith thing than a see-it-every-day thing. Now I KNOW it works. Hang in there, those of you that today might be wondering of such mysterious things!

Lacking a large number of my own students, and having a little more time on these hands now with my present students being quite a bit more independent than toddler aged students, I felt it was time to find a few more souls to teach. I love to teach. This year I am also teaching Latin (Now don’t you think I’m smart? Uhem. It’s for young beginners. That’s about as far as this brain goes!) and a Nature Journaling class for a delightful group of homeschoolers at Covenant Family Tutorial, a one day a week classroom setting.

We are on a Classical Christian Education path, which among many things, means we are on a 5 year journey through history starting at Egypt and Ancient Rome, and continuing through the Middle Ages all the way to Modern American history. The students repeat this 4-5 year journey, with the depth of study increasing each cycle. By the time one gets to high school, they are reading some pretty tough books. I have pretty much always done this with my little family of students. I’m still not sure who learned the most, the students or the teacher. Teaching is the best way to learn all the stuff you always wanted to know! And for some of us, the stuff we didn’t even know we should know until that magic moment of teaching it necessitated it being known. Unless you yourself were homeschooled, of course.

This year, we are in the middle years of American history. Included in this year of study will be our own states history, as well. But this is a post about nature journaling, right? Yep. It is. I will be incorporating the trees, flowers, birds, animals, and such from California into our journals. Basically, it’s art, science and a smidge of our state’s history all in one fun, year-long project. Each month will be themed. You will see. I am pretty excited about it. I think it will be great.

This girl will post assignments along the way if you would like to follow along. Just switch it out for your own state’s nature goodness. By the end of the school year, I hope we will all be much more familiar with our states beauties (state appreciation), have developed a habit of drawing in a journal of sorts (art, writing), and have a better understanding of God’s world (science).

I will post on Mondays beginning next week. This girl will begin a flickr group for your students, and YOU, to post pictures.

What will you need? This homeschool clan is using colored pencils, regular pencils, an eraser, a spiral art book with a hard cover to help it sit nice and flat on ones lap. We like sharp pencils. A portable gooood pencil sharpener was a must for us picky folks.


Since this family doesn’t do much back-to-school shopping thanks to being on the neighborhood surfer kid hand-me-down list, I made this boy a roll for his colored pencils.


And don’t forget Eraser Man!

I am also using the National Audubon Society Field Guide to California. My book has a different cover, but I’m pretty sure it is the same. I will be listing page numbers, but I will also show what we are doing in order to adapt curriculum if you are in another state or prefer not buying another book. There are also some pretty cool apps for the Ipad that I would use if I had an Ipad! Are you from Texas? Here is a great site.


So happy supplies gathering, and we will see you next Monday for our Nature Journaling Homeschool Project!



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