How is your lovely summer dress challenge sewing going?


Here is my latest summer dress, although a legal entrant of the contest, this girl is not!


This girl was inspired by a lovely photo found on Pinterest. It’s originally from Atlantic-Pacific.

I loved how she put a long cardigan with a belt over top. My belt is vintage goodness from my Great Aunt on my Dad’s side. I don’t remember much about her at all. But there is something beautiful about wearing a Great Aunt’s belt. It brings our two worlds and two different times together somehow.


I designed the dress myself, using as a guide, a bright pink dress hanging in my closet that fits absolutely perfectly. But it is bright pink. Very bright. Which doesn’t work for a quiet, please-don’t-notice-me kind of girl. I also used a few pattern pieces from Amy Butler’s Lotus Dress pattern to help get the bodice shape. Resemblance to the Lotus Dress cannot be seen because the pieces were changed beyond recognition. But it still helped to begin with a regular pattern fashioned by someone who really knows what they are doing. Then I just added the longish ruffled skirt where it seemed best. Next time I will try a pleated skirt.

It’s even lined with a zipper closure. Truth be told…I still have not finished basting the lining at the zipper, and an old curtain was used for the lining.  Sometimes I think I do such improv-ish feats because I’m too lazy to go to the store for the getting of  ‘proper’ fabric. Or maybe it’s because this girl does most of her creative goodness on a whim at night when the stores are closed and she won’t stop for nothin’! Or maybe I just like being creative with what I have on hand.


This vintage fabric is from my lovely friend Monica. I am finding that the more I sew and quilt and create and decorate my home, the more I appreciate vintage fabrics. The designs and colors are nothing like what is available on the market today. These olde fabrics, like my olde worn belt, join me with other women of other times who also had a passion to bring beauty into their simple little homey world. We are not all that different, really.


And I finally found a pair of cowboy boots at a thrift store down in Capitola. $10. I was on a morning jog and they were just sitting out front. I had to stop and try them on, of course! My kind of shopping.

The contest comes to a close at the end of August, so get those dresses posted! They should pop up on the side of this blog shortly after posting them on this lovely summer dress challenge flickr group. You can see some of the prizes here. Happy summer sewing, friends!

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  1. Love your sewing. And I always notice how you intentionally cut off your head in most photos. You crack me up. ;)

    • I’m glad I make you laugh! Ha!

  2. I love your outfit and I totally and completely ADORE your cowboy boots!

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