Nature Journal – habitats week three

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Our Nature Journaling Homeschool Project this week is a fun one, a little less sciency. Well, they are all fun assignments, really. We are quite enjoying them, and I hope you are, too! It is so good for me to take a break from academia and household chores, and get away with the kids for a relaxing drawing session. The stillness of the moment reminds me to thank the Creator for this amazing world we live in. And when the stillness of the moment is over, and my boys begin to unwind all their thoughts, I listen. I ask questions. I tell them of some related aspect of God’s amazingness.

This week, choose a particular habitat in your area.  It could simply be a sweet little habitat in your neighborhood. or a region you are not quite as familiar with that you want to get out to explore in this beautiful fall weather.

This girl took this group of delightful homeschool kiddos for a walk in a woodland area where we found the perfect comfy spot:





Take your journal and a regular pencil. That’s all. No colors for now. Find a lovely spot to sit a while. Make yourselves comfy, then look around and draw what you see. If you see an ant, draw an ant. If you see a bird, draw the bird. Now, the bird and the ant don’t have to be in perspective size-wise, or set in the scene you are looking at. Just plunk them down anywhere on the page, and continue. Do you see grass? Draw it. Or pick up a leaf and trace it. Then fill in all the veins and such as you hold it in your hand. Have fun with it.

Try to have them fill up one whole page. Not two. Just one. This is a hard one for some of us. Just keep drawing, squeezing in bugs, squirrels, trees and flowers all over the page.

When enough time has been had to draw to one’s absolute delight, take a few minutes to encourage your children to listen. What are they hearing? Have them briefly take note on their pictures of such things if they so desire:


We could hear the trickle of the nearly dry creek below us, and giggles of a few talkative boys:


After a good while of enjoying and drawing and listening, head back to your kitchen or backyard table. Now is the time to add vibrant watercolors to our pictures:

Here are some of our happy homeschoolers with their finished journal entries:


Look at this dragonfly up close:

Look at this happy face! Isn’t homeschool great?!
We get to see these smiles everyday!

I hope you enjoy this weeks assignment as much as we did. We would love to see your drawings, too. You can post them in my flickr group here.



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