Nature Journal – Habitats week two

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Our Nature Journaling Homeschool Project will be a little more focused on the area of science this week.

Draw a map of your state, dividing it into habitats. Color and label each different habitat. I used the map on the back page of this handy book.

You can always google habitats in your state. Google is a homeschooler’s best friend. Well, almost.


We happened to be drawing the habitats of Sierra Nevada while on a driving trip that took us from the middle to the northernmost parts of our state. There were so many changes as we drove that it was hard to keep up with drawing plants, trees and rocks as we saw them. Here are just a few from the upper montane , subalpine and alpine zones:

 Here is what we drew, using page 32 from our book as a guide. We read about each region and wrote some interesting facts along with our quickly drawn sketches.


THEN we landed in Nevada. Oh my.

It was pretty much one grand-old-down-right-entirely-boring habitat the whole long state long. Did I say long?

So, if you live in a similar such state…you are going to have to get creative here!

Ok. To be fair, I googled Nevada’s regions. There really is more than one.

As usual, when this assignment has been completed, turn the page and continue to draw your surroundings, talking a bit of your particular habitat and its beauty. Have fun with it! Draw, draw away! Over the last few days, this family’s appreciation for California’s beauty and variety has been greatly enhanced. How about you? What do you and your children notice that you maybe hadn’t noticed before? Please share with us some of your drawings.

For an encouragement to one another we will be, an encouragement in our Nature Journaling Homeschool Project!

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