nature journal – plants week 3

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This week’s nature journal project is a little sciency.
We will look at some of the different leaf shapes we see in creation.


First, in your nature journal illustrate the anatomy of a leaf, labeling stem, petiole, midrib, margin, apex and lamina. Make it big. Use the whole sheet.

Next draw several of the varying shapes, labeling each of them.
Row 1: linear, lanceolate, oblanceolate, elliptical, oblong, oval, ovate, obovate
Row 2: spatulate, deltoid, cordate, reniform, cucate, orbicular
Row 3: lobed, clef, needle-like, awl-like and scale-like

If your kiddos are up for a challenge, they can even learn about leaf arrangements, drawing examples of opposite (the leaves are placed across from each other along the stem), whorled (leaves spin around the stem like a whirly-gig) and alternate (leaves grow off one side, then the other)…or more. We found one that had whorled on the tips, then alternate beyond that.


This is a close up of a whorled leaf arrangement.

We gathered our books and leaves, today, taking them to our wall.

This is my sweet boy.


Love that smile.


It was good to get away for a while.


**** I used page 132 of the National Audubon Society Field Guide to California, and page 99-102 of Exploring Creation with Botany, as well as this website here, for all my leafy facts. Feel free to use whatever resources your family has at hand.

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