Another Christmas has come and gone.

Another year of a cozy home and good food and thankfulness.

Another year of memories shared.

Another year of my camera sitting on the counter mostly untouched

because this girl was just being a part of it all.


I notice how things have changed.

The games we play are rarely board games.

The conversations had are different than those even a few years back.

Partly because we are all older.

Partly because phones and ipads and such have become a part of our world.

We share links and songs and instagrams.

I marvel at the change in just a short while.

I admit.

I quite enjoy it.

I admit another thing.

I really am not a board-game person.

I know. I said it. Take me off the good-mamma list.

Rather than push against change,

demanding the old ways of puzzles and yahtzee,

this girl quite goes along with it all.

Staying with the old and refusing to figure out all the newness can become quite a generation gap.

I refuse to have a generation gap in this generation.

I also refuse to pick a certain year’s clothing style and stop there forever.

I wear orange shoes, pigtails and a cape-jacket thing.

But that is for another day.


What about these new modes of connectedness?

These new technology goodnesses enable this girl to be in touch with the older children.

To tell them they are loved and special and being prayed for.

To see snippets of their world and joys and challenges.

To show them what silly things their younger brothers are up to.

To show them what silliness their mom is up to,

or what dumb thing I did today,

like that funny sound I make when waving to someone I know while driving.

I only make it while driving. Never as a passenger.

I cannot NOT make it. I have tried. It cannot be done.

I cannot drive and wave without a weird sound coming out of my mouth.

They know the sound.

We laugh.

We are miles apart, yet now we are right there together with no separation at all.

A simple text or picture instantly  transforms distance into a closeness.


As Christmas came to it’s end, this girl, retiring under bed covers, began to wonder.

As the tree is dry with it’s ornaments askew,

the house is quiet, and all are gone to their own adventures

or are snug in their beds down the hall,

I wonder, was this the Christmas I had hoped for?

Somehow as I grow older I realize they are numbered and I want all the goodness squished into each gathering.

Would I have changed anything?

I conclude that this holiday season was what it was.

It was good.

 It wasn’t just what I made it to be.

For I wasn’t the only one doing the making.

We mothers carry the burden of each Christmas’ happenings.

We plan the gifts. We make the food. We spark the Christmas joy.

And when it is all said and done, we wonder if we did enough.


Sometimes we forget that we are all contributors of Christmas.

Everyone brings something.

And if we are soooo focused on what our own picture of Christmas is,

we might surely miss the organic beauty of each person’s gift.

Not presents here, friends. Gifts.

The gift of playing golf or dancing in the living room ala kinect.

The gift of snuggling under blankets for a good rest amidst the family noise.

(A hardworking child finally squeezing in a nap always makes this mom happy, indeed!)

The gift of sharing songs and new artists to listen to and YouTube’s that can’t be missed.

The gift of throwing flour on the evening’s pasta…and some on the floor,

and showing how flips are done on our new trampoline.

(Thank you, Papa, for giving us the gift of bouncing like Tigger.)

We shared the gift of trying several new varieties of beer and discussing their unique tastes?

One hinted of strawberry. Another was quite unusual. Unanimously not a favorite.

The gift of picking up a guitar for a few minutes and strumming whilst carrying on conversation.

Of watching Elf. This girl mostly slept through Elf.

We shared the gift of an evening walk on the beach at low tide.

We shared a beautiful, glorious sunset.

We shared pictures of brother’s funny curly loop of hair

smack dab on the top of his head unbeknownst to him,
and quite unwilling to lay flat
no matter what.

The best part of the whole day was the together part.

After all the shopping and baking and preparing was carefully accomplished,

all that was left to be done,

was to let the day be what is was going to be.


 And a lovely Christmas day it was, indeed!

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  1. I love the don’t miss everyone’s gifts. Exactly! Merry Christmas to you all!

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