a day was had

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 This boy wanted his mamma to show him how to make  Tartine bread today.

We each did a batch side-by-side.

Here he is getting it ready for the bench rest.

All is well….

Until married man/photographer notices this girl and her boy are quite matching.

Then a little elbowing over who gets to go next.

Married man decides we need to match even more, bringing a hat for this girl to don upon her pigtailed head.

Just a wee little flour fight was had.
I lost.
I love that boy.

But all has ended well, for the loaves are happily rising in the fridge overnight whilst bread-maker boy goes about his cheery day. Tomorrow will be a yummy day.

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  1. This is the sweetest, most charming photo story I’ve ever seen posted on a blog. Really! I smiled and even laughed the whole way through. Kudos to “Married Man”. Such a resemblance between you and your son … especially in the photo where you’re both smiling at the camera.

    Thanks so much for gifting your readers with this little story board. Love it!

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