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A conversation was had today.  A conversation that frequents this homey home. It’s a conversation about Christian and music. Or Christian and art. Or Christian and really anything. But it usually starts with the topic of music. For this family swims in music.

Some in this family sing and play piano. Some play guitar and mandolin. Some would like to do drums if we only had drums. This girl mostly just pushes the ‘play’ button on things or listens to her family of music players. I am not the connoisseur of music. In fact, this girl has been known to listen to a song bunches of times till it dawned on her little self that the same song it was. Over and over for an embarrassingly long time. The words of songs never stick in this quirky head. Ever. They stick in everyone else’s heads, though. They sing and tap even when the music is not going, for going it still is, in their heads. And they talk numbers when music is going. Thirds and fifths and one, four, three. They don’t just listen to music. Music is a part of them. It is how they think. Married man and my dear one have even been known to call out the key of car honks in New York.

Not only can most in this homey home play music of some sort, but all have been influenced by their daddy’s music appreciation. He listens to all types of music. He mysteriously controls all music-playing things throughout the house. It is everywhere. This girl often pokes her head into the control room/office/bedroom when the phone rings asking for quiet somewheres. Please.

If there is a style of music, we have heard it. We have talked about it. We have discussed the math of it and what makes it unique. We know its major artists and some of its history. And, we have proclaimed our like or dislike. Ok. I mostly feel lost in these conversations, but I appreciate that they appreciate it.

And guess which type of music is unanimously and consistently and frequently disliked by all four of my lovely children? Christian music. Which absolutely frustrates this girl to pieces, because this girl believes Christian music should be amazing. Christian anything should be amazing. It should be the best. It should be the most popular because of it’s undeniable and profound excellence. But it is not any of that.

So this is my topic today. For it is my topic nearly every day. The topic of what makes something Christian?

It is a huge subject given to much debate. I am not a debater. Just a ponderer. And this girl has been pondering much on this lately, for important it is. My children at home still need a workable answer to this question. I need a workable answer. We all do.

I know many volumes by great and studied folks have been written on this topic, most of which this girl would never read, for over her head they truly are. I used to read them but I have quite given up. It’s just not my cup of tea. And this girl would rather read lovely books and make lovely things and spend time with her lovely family anyways. But a little answer that I believe we all can grasp has been come upon in her pondering. And it is this.

This rather simple girl believes if one truly pursues knowing and loving God and passionately pursues excellence in our ‘art’ then our art will naturally reflect our knowing-God and therefore be undeniably and profoundly excellent and therefore amazing.

It doesn’t mean we will have Bible verses written all over or in our art. I was running today. And when I run I ponder. And I noticed the world all around. I didn’t see “Jesus was here” written on anything at all. Each leaf didn’t say “made in heaven”. But each leaf and tree and ocean and sky in their pure majesty reflect their amazing maker whether it is recognized as such or not. And I think our art should do the same; reflect the great maker without silly labels. It should be distinguishable without a label. Truth is truth. Good is good. Beauty is beauty. If our life’s art is true and good and beauty filled and we are pursuing God, then our art is Christian. It reflects our God. It has his impression in it even if to most that impression is unseen.

This girl has a little hunch that some in this sweet younger generation are getting it. They are pursuing a walk with God. They are pursuing truth and good and beauty. They are artists and they are Christian. That is Christian art.

I wish I would have gotten it a bit sooner and left off doing the ‘Christian things’, and spent more time doing the christian things this girl was made to do. Cook, sew, capture beauty, love, encourage, create. But I think I get it now. So now that is what I do. Admittedly this girl needs to work on both sides of the equation. Work hard at the gifts and talents that are uniquely my own, and work hard at knowing the God that entrusted those gifts and talents on this simple girl. For only then can my life, my art, be truly Christian.



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  1. Yes!

  2. Tina, Yes & amen! Pondering brings good truths to your heart & mind. Well thought out & well said. :)

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