a most favorite day was had

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 I recently spent the most delightful of days with my most delightful daughter in her not-so-very-far-away-but-not-close-enough-to-deliver-a-loaf-of-hot-bread-on-a-whim city.

She took her mamma on a bike ride.

We did the Wiggle through the city from the Mission District, through Golden Gate Park, down to Outer Sunset to my favorite lunch-time restaurant.

But as our little  lunch spot was soon to be closing,

my sweet daughter took us on rather of a quick journey

so lunch was not to be missed.

For that would be tragic.



Truth be told,

as the miles passed,

this girl was wondering

how in the heck she was going to get her sweet self back

to dear one’s home in the Mission

that was quite UP the hills

we were presently going quite DOWN.


And more truth to be told,

this girl was on a mountain bike with thick tires and rusty wheels requiring MUCH more effort for forward motion making

and my dear one was on a recently tuned city bike with those skinny tires making forward motion a breeze.

I was really quite proud of myself for keeping up with my dear one

with age and rust and such going all against ease,

but I have a feeling she was holding back from peddling with all her might

while this girl peddled with like a mad woman.

We happily ate at the amazing Outerlands.


We wandered around a bit.

We had an espresso and the bad day bar from Trouble Coffee.

It’s called a bad day bar cuz after you eat the caramel gooey goodness it’s not a bad day any more.

 Then we began the grand trek back

for twilight was near.

The foggy day turned to sprinkle.

Then rain.

Then a down pour.


Dear one and her mamma have always liked a walk or run in the rain

so a bike ride in rain goodness was welcomed.

For some reason the uppity way home felt about half as long as the downward journey.

Before this girl knew it, we were quite home.

Dear one called out her love to take a few pictures.

A most favorite day was had.

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