april nine // now you workshops

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jumping on logs for a photo workshop assignment quite made me laugh out loud today
a lady in a dress made of pillowcases
with oxfords and socks.
jumping up and down on a ginormous fallen log.
amidst young children being let out from their redwood nestled school.
i heard a mother call to her child to come away.
and as this lady is getting to where her glasses are a must,
yet still an annoyance to always have on hand,
the camera’s screen did not fill her in as to whether the jumping one was in focus,
and a naughty knot was obstructing the view of the air one really did get.
my children wondered where i had been.
they didn’t know their mamma was jumping up an down on a log in the forest.
i told them i was being artsy-fartsy and left it at that.


my pictures lack perfection.
which fits this imperfectionist of a girl.
i laughed.
i’m pretty sure others laughed.
but hurray for taking a few minutes for my creative self.
there it is.
moving forward.
from here.
right now.

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  1. love the backstory of your shots and of course that is a pillowcase dress. ADORE!!!
    love the whimsy you felt… such a good feeling isn’t it?

  2. Beautiful ~ lovely ~ daring YOU. I have such admiration of this.

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