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my boy will always be able to say
he went surfing with his mom when she turned fifty.
i even caught my first two for-reals waves.
he saw it
and was as excited as i.

my dad told me today
that his fifties were his best
and i have a lovely friend who can’t wait to be the age of fifty.
so i am determined to grow and change and blossom
with this new season.
it is unknown ground,
for i no longer have little ones that fill my every moment,
giving each day purpose.

i will not be given to fear of doing things
or being alone
or things not turning out OK.
i will not be afraid of playing.
i will continue to be real and have faith and love.
i can always love.
and i will do it all one minute at a time.
one choice at a time.
one picture at a time.

like today when i made the choice
against all inner churnings
to hit the waves with my boy then take one simple whimsy picture.

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  1. I found your son’s 18th birthday modern quilt while googling “gray and black quilt fabrics” – looking for some inspiration for a manly quilt I am about to make. Love the quilt. Also noticed that you recently turned fifty, I’m turning fifty in March. Happy belated birthday and thanks for the inspiration!

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