may five :: i keep and am kept

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june 5_3w

as i look at the two pictures i took today,
i notice they are both things that keep us.

lighthouses keep ships from dashing upon the rocks in tumultuous seas or in the dark.
lifeguards keep beach dwellers safe,
beach dwellers who thought they were having a dandy time along the shore’s edge
when all suddenly changes to ones worst nightmare.

i am comforted that god puts lighthouses and lifeguards
in our lives and the lives of our children
for we tend to be frail souls in danger,
sometimes from the trials that storm us from the outside,
and sometimes from the inner struggles that we bring upon our selves.

i am presently thankful for a few of those saving graces in my own life.
i do not take them for granted.

june 5_1w

and i marvel at the idea
that even when the seas of life are calm
the lighthouse and lifeguard are still there
standing firm and tall
maybe even to simply remind us that it will not always be so.

therefore i will enjoy the calm in this day
and also trust amidst its stormy moments
knowing i just need to lift my eyes a bit
and i will see my help.

i will go toward it when i am able
and it will find me when i am not.

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  1. I love this, Tina. Beautiful photos, inspiring deep truth.

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