about this girl

This girl is Tina.

She lives in a cottagy home by a frequently foggy beach with married man.

Once upon a time they were high school sweethearts.

All they wanted to do when they grew up

was have a family,

grow old together

and be grandparents.

Their dreams are coming true.

They enjoy a great family of 4 lovely children, 2 of whom are now adults.

They have gotten quite old as can be seen by the grey hair fading into the foggy background.

(Married man is working hard on catching up in the grey hair department)

And Grandparents this girl and married man will one day be,

for from a very young age their children have been told,

many, many children they must have.





You, my lovelies, will meet this girl’s family along the way,

for they are my world.


This is dear one and her love.

They are both creative and musical souls that abide in the city for now

discovering their own journey one day at a time.

They are missed bunches,

so often to their homey home far away this girl ventures.


And these are the brothers:


Siah, the eldest brother, rooms in our homey cottage.

We love having him around, though most of the time he is quite not here.

This boy likes to garden, juice everything in the kitchen,

and plant already grown whole carrots in the front yard.

As a kid, he couldn’t draw on regular old flat paper.

He always needed tape, string or toothpicks to make it non-flat.

This boy also likes to explode things,

especially when mom can see it,

cuz it freaks her out,

which makes him rather delighted.

But don’t worry.

He’s smart, and actually understands the science behind it all, so no tragedies have arisen:



This is Caleb:

He loves to surf, make people laugh and play the piano.

He is my go-to for the facts. If he heard it. He remembers it.

Which is quite helpful for a mom who forgets much, to have a son who does not.

I spend lots and lots of time at the beach watching him surf.

This year he wants this girl to surf, too. EEk!

This boy has a tender heart for little children and simply loves his cousin Sara.

I love him to pieces.

He is a joy to be with.


This is Simmers.

He is my messy boy.

The good kind of messy.

The messy that creates, concocts, cooks, and builds.

The kind of messy I will miss when he moves on.

This boy looses things, too.

A lot.

We don’t get too frustrated about it any more.

We just laugh about it together, and help find lost treasures.

He has a tender place in his heart for the old and weak.

He’s loves his momma. Bunches.


They are this girl’s world.

They are my family.


Upon visiting my bloggy blog often, you will see that I am a homeschooler and a creative homemaker of sorts, and that it’s all in context of this lovely family I’ve been given to love and encourage in the Lord. They are in the middle of it all – literally. It is my hope that this humble little blog will, in some way, be of some encouragement to lovelies who follow along, whether it inspires you in your own homeschooling journey, the mentoring of children, loving of husbands, or making your own home a touch more homey.


Do leave a little comment to let me know you stopped by for a moment.

(This girl’s email is [email protected])


Blessings to you and your lovelies,






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