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a quilt for olive

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Every once in a while I make a quilt for someone I love.

Nothing typical. Nothing orderly. Nothing ordinary.

Crooked is quite better.

It kind of just happens.














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paris quilt – complete

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My Paris quilt has finally found itself quite done. 

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Vintage sheet strip quilt – another tutorial of sorts

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This girl has created a happy little tutorial of sorts in case one is quite interested in making something of the like for ones self.

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a quilt of 30 years

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A quilt of 30 squares has begun

for to a good man this girl has been married

for 30 very good years.

So 30 fantabulous years later,

married man finally gets some quilt goodness for his very own self.

Since off to Paris this girl will soon fly,

and since busy preparing for Paris goodness this girl has been,

and since this mamma knows her family she will greatly miss,

which means squeezing in all the fun possible with their sweet little selves she has been every minute doing,

and since the sun has been shining

and my corner of the ocean beckons daily…

this happily married girl puts off till another day

a few wonderful words

married man quite deserves.


And as time allows more quilting to be perfectly pieced,

the goodness will be with you shared!

I promise.



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Married man quilt

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Alas. The beginnings of a married man quilt.

And just so you know…  Things might get a little wonky at paisley and lace as this girl has begun her adventures in blogging a la iPad and apps, in hopes of being quite able to do such lovely stuff as the journey to Paris with the ladies of Warmth Company is under foot, for away from married man’s techie magic this girl will be.

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lazy girl quilt – the complete tutorial

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Improv Lazy Girl Quilt Tutorial

This girl has combined every little baby step posted along her happy yet longish quilty way into one, completed, step by step tutorial for all lovers of creative endeavors. But after accomplishing this lazy girl quilt from beginning to end, this girl has decided one must not be really very lazy at all to embark on such a project, whether improv like this not so little dandy, or rule-following like Denise Schmit’s beautiful version. I happen to not be a rule-follower in all things crafty. An imperfectionist of sorts. Whatever your fancy, I hope you find it helpful in some sweet way.

Here we go:

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