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mosey and plod

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three boys


and this girl went for our weekly mosey and plod.


there was brotherly carving.IMG_3150w


and racing up a very steep hill. he and brother won. i lost.
even though they told me there was something behind me to scare me into running faster.
maybe bigfoot.
i’m a bigfoot believer, but not today.

it is convenient to always have google for the settling of family disputes and timers for the determining of winners.


a lovely mosey and plod was had.
habit three. check.

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january eighteen and habit three

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Today we determined we would finish school by noon then depart for a walk. That is why this family schools at home. Right? So we can do the fun stuff. We are often not good managers of time, spreading our studies out all over the place, then neglect getting on to the creative and wild and free stuff. One of the habits this girl is building is just that. To get out once a week with my boys for a mosey and plod. Today I mostly plodded such that most of my pictures have cut off heads or a high blur factor. I had to keep up with my barefoot leaders who could walk through icy waters while this girl kept her lovely shoes on and chose not to walk through icy waters making it necessary to schooch over slippery logs dangling over the waters whilst on her bum. We came back muddy and chilled and happy. Habit number three has been welcomed into our world. Habit three is a keeper.


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january ten

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my paris quilt project is taped down to the kitchen floor.
it doesn’t exactly fit in this humble abode.
a corner is rolled up against the refrigerator,
and a great amount extends in to the next room.
children are walking over it.
they are quite used to such things in their world.
they don’t even ask any more.
they just know to plod shoeless lightly across.
so does married man.
he keeps his shoes on.
the cats are a different story.
they were sent to their room for wreaking great havoc.
as my son darts off on his skateboard with camera in hand,
he reminds me that I have forgotten to get out for a walk.
married man and I venture out after him.
then back to the quilt and peanut butter on tartine and math and a no longer exiled cat sleeping cozily in my lap.


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january seven

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what this girl did most of the day. married man and i are finishing up a website for an artist of quilts and collector of vintage fabrics.

back to school.

remembering to be ‘present’ and not just ‘here’.

for being a home teacher, i am always here

but i see that i am not always present.

today we talked of corrie ten boom.

we talked of her compassion

even for her enemies

we talked of doing what is right

and the importance of doing what is right in the little things today

so when the big things happen on a tomorrow

we are in the habit of doing what is right.

we talked of hiding the Word in our hearts.

if this girl was merely here and not present

we would have missed this talk.

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january five

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 chilly afternoon at the beach before the embarking of a storm.
boys skimming and surfing and building and laughing.
while this girl looks with her heart for pictures.
pictures to capture the moment.
from where I am.
daily moving forward.
then the setting aside of my camera
to busy these hands with the making of tartine sandwiches
while freezing boys thaw in the hot tub.
still looking for  beauty to capture in my heart.
found in sweet and loud and funny and thoughtful boys enjoying the gift of friendship.

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january one

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1. new beginnings.

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